Bound by faith, bound by blood. Together we stand as a shield for the people.

The Shield of Light is a paladin order operating from the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind, formed to uphold the ideals of the paladins and aid the populace of the human lands.
Acting as soldiers of the Church, the order is independent from the regular military units in Stormwind but often fight alongside with the ordinary troops. Due to their lack in numbers the paladins of the order often find themselves conducting small scale operations or supporting local militia and other military outfits.

The order conducts patrols in Stormwind's surroundings such as Elwynn, Redridge, Westfall and Duskwood. Earlier these regions used to be the order's only areas of operation, but after the plague in Stormwind it was clear that focusing on these regions only was not enough. While it now looks beyond the vicinity of Stormwind its major concern is still the human lands.

The order spends much time fighting the Scourge in various forms, both the walking undead in the lost territories and the Scourge's agents infiltrating the cities. Other then that the order also deal with demons of the Burning Legion, demonic possessions, orc renegades and to some extent normal criminals.


Lordaeron was the home of the Church of Light, and when the land fell to the Scourge the clerics were scattered and vast knowledge lost. Not even the Silver Hand proved a challenge for the undead, and lucky were the ones who survived their onslaught.
With many refugees fleeing south Stormwind, with the nearby Northshire Abbey, would eventually become the new home of the Church of Light.

As the Silver Hand was nearly destroyed in the war many paladins found themselves to be on their own without a distinct banner to rally around. Some remained on Lordaeron fighting their own battles or as part of the Scarlet Crusade, some travelled west to Kalimdor while many turned south to Stormwind.

This came to be a time of sundering, when paladins found new loyalties and purposes. Former ideals were forgotten and many paladins turned into fortune seekers fighting only for themselves. Many lost their trust in paladins, but with the intention of bringing order to chaos, paladins started pledging their allegiance directly to the archbishop.