The protectors include paladins and squires, and their task is that of battle.

Clad in armour they position themselves between the people and what danger that threaten them, and defend the people with steel.

The clerics are those with the primary task of aiding the people by supporting them directly.

They conduct sermons, act as healers and ease the suffering of the people in what way they can.
They also play an important role in aiding wounded paladins and squires.

The scholars have a very important role to fill in the war torn world.

With Lordaeron destroyed and in the hands of the undead much knowledge has been lost, both spiritual texts and more mundane works.
The work of the scholars include retrieving lost knowledge, researching and putting it all to use.

The servants are those who are part of the organization, but do not fall under one of these cathegories.

They are responsible for more nonspiritual tasks, such as repairing armour, cooking, feeding the horses and other duties that needs to be done.