“Today you fight for a better tomorrow and the person next to you!”

A failed attempt at the lich Araj the Summoner came to turn the eyes of the Shield of Light towards the ruins of Andorhal, situated close to the Alterac border. Andorhal, being the key to the Plaguelands, is an important strategic point in the war against the undead. With too few to liberate the town, it was decided to strike at the Scourge commanders, the Lich himself and a number of other high ranked situated in the city towers.

Lead by Thomas Kerengar an estimated number of 70 men and women were gathered in Chillwind camp to participate in the attack, some of them individuals who had only heard about the attack and came to pledge their support for the cause.

Some commotion arose at the camp when a small group of people wanted to go their own way, encouraged by a golden clad knight, without following the set up battle plan. After some talk with them most of them decided to go against their leader and reunite with the main force.

One part of the attacking force, led by lord Melidor Atringail, was to attack through the western entrance and draw what enemies they could from the eastern part of town. There the other attackers, under knight Aldiya Galawhen, were to breach the eastern entrance and head for the square where the lich had been spotted. Once there a small group under Erynia Starcaller would assault and bring down the lich.

Once the lich had been downed the attackers fell into disarray and attempts to rally the force proved difficult. Lord Atringail had been wounded, and the western force became scattered in smaller groups spread out in town. Although still standing, knight Galawhen’s force suffered a similar fate with people remaining in the town after orders to fall back had been given.

Battered but victorious, the alliance force withdrew to Chillwind to count their losses.